EU-MEMORI project: Training School and International Conference

MEMORI LOGO Vertical3rd October 2013
Madrid, Spain
MEMORI Training School: "Start preventing - stop spending. The MEMORI technology - how to manage your indoor air quality"

The MEMORI solution is a new early warning system sensitive to the main degrading components of indoor environments in a synergistic manner. It integrates the latest in knowledge about the impact of pollutants on cultural assets with technology, which identifies the environments that will create a negative impact BEFORE it can be seen on the artifacts. The MEMORI technology also offers business opportunities for (young) companies in the restoration field. Both will be explained in this training day. Participation is free. The number of participants is limited.

Registration is possible with or without participation in the MEMORI conference. Click here for Registration Form.

4th October 2013
Madrid, Spain
MEMORI Conference "Start preventing, Stop spending"

The outcome of the European funded Research project will be presented at an international conference in Madrid. More information can be found on the project website and the conference flyer (see below). You are welcome! Click here for Registration Form.

More information about the Memori Project is available on their official website and in the project brochure attached below. The conference flyer for the October 2013 conference is also attached in PDF form below.