6th edition of YOCOCU – YOuth in COnservation of CUltural Heritage- 2018 | Matera (Italy) from the 23rd to the 25th of May. For detailed information about the conference please visit the conference website http://www.yococu2018.com/. The first YOCOCU meeting took place in Rome in 2008, as a small workshop at the Sapienza University. Since then it has grown, increasing the number of participants and becoming a global event. However, the aims of the meetings remain the same: 1) to promote the conservation and valorisation of cultural heritage; 2) to give voice to young professionals and to promote their development in the sector; 3) to connect senior conservators and young professionals to contribute to the conservation of cultural heritage. YOCOCU2018 is a forum with the aim to promote the dialogue and partnerships between reserachers, conservators and managers on one hand, and civic and community non-governmental organizations on the other. For this reason, it includes special sessions such as Living Lab, dedicated to the participants who can show the products and methods used in their research; Open your art, dedicated to the citizens, the recipients of the divulgation activities; Divulgation events, dedicated to the connection between sponsors, participants and citizens in order to undertake scientific analysis on samples and private objects. In YOCOCU2018, cultural heritage professionals and researchers and the private sector (citizens, associations, municipalities, cultural heritage institutions) will present their projects, accomplish research and debate future activities and challenges. Together, they will discuss new strategies and establish future priorities. The conference also represents an opportunity for the professional community to realise and learn more about the aims and necessities of civic groups working in the field of cultural heritage and to establish new conservation strategies. Contributions related to characterisation, diagnostic, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage, archaeometry are welcome. We also encourage participants to work on different topics, e.g. contemporary art, industrial heritage and design, as well as presenting new products, case studies, educational projects and activities. We believe that every single contribution can be of extreme importance for the conference and provide new and interesting approaches to it. We look forward to hearing from you. YOCOCU